6 Things You Learn by Joining a Fitness Challenge at Orangetheory


The fitness challenges we’ll host when we open Orangetheory in Ardmore, PA, will push you to get more out of your workout and more out of life.

Will it be too intense?

Can I stack up to the competition?

Will I survive?

These are a few things that might run through your mind before participating in your first fitness challenge after we open our studio doors at Orangetheory Ardmore.

But there are plenty of reasons experienced Orangetheory members keep coming back for more! Orange Nation has learned a few things by joining challenges like our triathlon-inspired Dri-Tri, 8-week Transformation Challenge, and the infamous sequence of scary- good workouts known as Hell Week.

1. You’re capable of rising to a challenge and pushing yourself further.

You never know until you “Tri!” Every Orangetheory member secretly feared their first Dri-Tri, but everyone comes out a winner. The only limits are the ones we create in our minds. Successfully completing fitness challenges helps us push beyond those mental blocks and realize just how much we’re truly capable of.

You might surprise yourself! During your first Transformation Challenge, you’ll change your fitness and eating habits for the better. You may think you can only work out 2, 3, or 4 days a week, but suddenly you’ll find yourself in the studio every day to experience each Hell Week workout. As you start breaking your own personal records throughout the year at Orangetheory, we bet you’ll beat your Dri-Tri time each year you compete.

You’re planning to join Orangetheory to start burning for a better life, and what a better way to push yourself and reach your goals than to step it up and go All Out for one of our challenges?



2. Your Orangetheory Ardmore Fit Fam is seriously amazing.

Every fitness challenge is a bonding experience with your fellow members. No one understands the heat of a 2,000 meter row, 300 body weight reps, and a 3.1 mile run on the treads more than that member who was right there, enduring the Dri-Tri with you.

The more you see other members during challenges and team up with them during partner workouts, the more you’ll get to know each other. Before you know it, you’ll be saying hi and chatting before and after classes, and cheering each other on when you crush another challenge. Looking forward to catching up with your new workout family is added fuel to keep you showing up and burning for your goals.

And let’s not forget our coaches and staff! You can expect them to be an extra boost of motivation during all your challenges. They’ll check in with you on your Transformation Challenge progress, they’ll give you extra tips and cheer you on as you approach the Dri-Tri finish line, and, over time, they’ll become as much a friend as a coach. They’ll love seeing you just as much as you’ll love seeing them.

We’re all different, but each member of our future Fit Fam will have one big, orange similarity—and together, we’ll grow an amazing group at Orangetheory Ardmore. You’ll truly belong here.


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3. Orangetheory is your home, it’s your lifestyle, and it’s FUN!

You’re signing up for a workout that will help you achieve real results. What you’ll get is so much more. You’ll be smiling more than ever during our events and fitness challenges while having a great time with your coaches, the staff, and other members. Every fitness challenge you conquer will have you looking forward to the next, because they’re just that fun and you’ll feel amazing after completing them. You’ll love being here. Orangetheory Ardmore will be a welcoming atmosphere where you leave your stress at the door for a completely positive, self-bettering experience.

As you start completing challenges and realize what you’re capable of, you’ll begin doing more outside of the studio, too. Even when you’re not there, Orangetheory will always be a part of you, always with you, encouraging you and reminding you that you have the strength to live an incredible life every single day.


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4. Your friends will cheer for you, too.

When you start burning at Orangetheory Ardmore, you’ll love checking in on Facebook, posting selfies in your new Orangetheory outfits, and sharing performance summaries showing your workout stats. Completing a fitness challenge gives us another excuse to humblebrag on social media—whether it’s posting your Transformation Challenge weigh-in, a Facebook check-in with your Dri-Tri time, or pics rocking that Hell Week shirt you’ll work so hard for. Your family and friends’ positive comments and support for your healthy, fit lifestyle thanks to Orangetheory will serve as an extra reminder that what you’ve made the right choice.


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5. There will never be a dull moment.

You won’t have have to worry about getting bored and slipping from your workout routine. Not only is the workout different every day, but the next new fitness challenge is always right around the corner, and we’ll always have our own fun ways to amp it up and turn each challenge into a true celebration. We can’t wait to get the party started at Orangetheory Ardmore!


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6. Orangetheory gets easier, yet it will keep challenging you.

The more fitness challenges you complete, the more you’ll realize you CAN do this. You’ll physically be able to survive Hell Week’s challenging workouts and the powerful row-rep-run sequence of Dri-Tri. And you won’t just survive—you’ll totally crush it!

As you gain confidence, you’ll reach for those heavier weights and pick up the speed on the treads, knowing that someday this will be easier, too. No limits! You’ll be on the path to greatness. No stopping you!

Ready for your next challenge?

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